4 delicious braai pie recipes you should try out!

We all can make the Braai Pie in different ways with different methods. So here are several recipes to choose from.

You can decide to stick to the traditional method, but there is no harm in trying out something new and different.

Over the years, people continue to come with braai ideas to make the most savory meals. The internet has enabled more and more people to share their braai pie recipe with the entire world.

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Here are some of the braais you should try.

  1. Suzelle DIY braai pie:

Two rolls of puff pastry
Sautéed sliced mushrooms
Filling cheese
Cooked onion
Pepper seasoning
One whisked egg

Lay your first roll of the pastry on the grid
Sprinkle a little bit of cheese and spread evenly.
Top it with the onion and add the mushroom.
Add the already cooked meat and distribute it evenly.
Season the filling, then cover with the other roll of pastry, ensure you seal the edges properly.
Brush the top with the egg and then close the grid and place it on the braai.
Ensure that you turn the grid regularly so that it cooks thoroughly on both sides and give it 15 minutes.

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