5 compliments you should avoid giving to people

Compliments have the power to increase a person’s confidence and self-esteem, provided it’s a genuine one.

Sometimes, we end up saying things that might hurt others’ feelings even though it seems alright to us.

To avoid such unnecessary hurtful confrontations, here are a few compliments listed that you should avoid.

  1. “Your hair looks so beautiful! Is it real?
    This is giving the person an indication that you find their hair too good to be true. Asking someone whether their hair is real or not leads them to think that you don’t find their real hair to be beautiful and unique enough. 
  2. “You have very unique or strong features”
    This means you are indirectly telling them that their body or facial features do not fit standard beauty features. Falling into an unconventional feature group isn’t really something a person would like to hear as a compliment.
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“Your skin looks so radiant and better than before”
You are straight-up insulting a person about their previous appearance by giving this compliment. This can make the person feel super conscious and doubtful about themselves.

  1. “You look amazing for your age”
    Are you insulting or complimenting them? This compliment can feel very judgmental, but people can even bark back at you to consider their age in this way. Some people are not comfortable talking about their age.
  2. “You look exotic! Let me take you out for a date”
    You may think you’re wooing the person but in contrast to your delusion, you’re going a step backwards. Being called ‘exotic’ is not really a compliment as you use it for birds, animals, vacations etc. But using it on a person won’t get you brownie points.
  3. “You look great even after having kids”
    Women aren’t supposed to automatically look dull or mundane after they have children. In all honesty, their skin actually starts to glow more, even though they are tired relentlessly by looking after their children. Many women also think that their postpartum body makes them look fat, in a negative way.
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