5 signs of infidelity that are too easy to miss in relationship

Infidelity is a lot more than just sleeping with another person than your partner.

There is a lot of emotional and mental strain involved in infidelity which is sometimes unrecognisable due to the amount of effort the cheating partner puts into covering it up.

There are certain actions that clearly state that your partner is cheating on you while some other actions don’t let you catch a whiff of your partner blatantly breaking your trust.

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Let’s take a look at some of the signs of cheating that you may not be able to recognise easily.

1. More affection

Your partner paying more attention to you suddenly may strike you off as a questionable gesture, especially if your partner is not someone who would easily show affection. But if your partner is trying to be extra-affectionate then probably they are feeling guilty of cheating on you. And so, they will try to compensate for that behaviour by making you feel more special.

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