5 ways you can rock your heels comfortably

I believe any lady who can walk in high heels comfortably is a true goddess. These are one of those things that don’t come with a manual. You can either hack it or not and a good number of ladies still struggle to walk in heels.

When it comes to selecting the right pair of heels, comfort is primary and design is second. It’s pointless to have a whole closet full of shoes you will never put on.

Here are some tips to help you rock those heels like a pro:

  1. How high can you go?
    The first thing you need to determine before making any purchase is how high you can go. There is no shame in preferring lower heels as long as you are comfortable. Once this is locked, you can now buy shoes more easily without picking just any pair you see. 
  2. Open or closed?
    Next it is important to know the type of heels that best suit your feet. Do your feet look better in closed or open shoes? Nothing kills a vibe like toes touching the ground because you chose to wear open heels. Also not all shoe designs whether open or closed will match your feet. Be wary of this when choosing the perfect shoes.
  3. Go for heels with platforms
    Platforms are meant to support your weight. That way you can walk comfortably without toppling over all the time. Stilettos are cute and will make you look chic but they have no support and are likely to be uncomfortable after a long day of walking or work.
  4. Go one size bigger
    Another hack when buying heels is going for at least one size bigger. When you go for your exact size, it will fit but after a long day of work your legs swell and it get unbearable when in heels. Also you are likely to develop blisters.
  5. Always rest whenever you can
    Walking or working in heels all day can be daunting. This is why you need to take as many breaks as you can. Sit or lean against a wall whenever you can. Also remember to carry a pair of flats so that you can swap out your heels when they become unbearable or you need to move around faster.
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Bonus tip: Always go shoe shopping after a long day. Purchasing heels later in the day will ensure that you know how well you will manage the shoes when your legs are swollen and tired from working and standing all day.

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