6 Ways To Look Your Best Behind The Face Mask

We all know how the pandemic has got us all looking like ‘ninja turtle’ because we need to wear face masks every single day. This has made some of us forget to do those girly things we used to do.

Most people don’t look forward to using makeup anymore: even using a lip moisturiser is no longer a thing for many ladies. Our excuse is that “the mask covers the face already and it is a waste of time because no one is going to notice they are wearing makeup anyway and also the mask could ruin the makeup “.

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However, there are multiple ways to look your best behind that face mask provided you follow this guild lines correctly.


Woman Moisturizing Her Skin LOreal ParisMoisturise

Now that the mask has become part of our daily must-haves, the first thing we need to consider is the use of a good moisturizer to prep the skin morning and night, there is no need for anything too dramatic, all you need is a glow and the moisturizer will give you just that.

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