Africa cuisine: 3 popular Sudanese dishes you should try

Sudanese food, like everything about Sudan bear the influence of both African and Arab cultures of the unique nation.

Most of the food a traveler or tourist is likely to come across in Sudan has strong Arab influences.

Some of the popular dishes in Sudan includes Ta’amia or Falafel, a dish of fried, mashed chickpeas; ful, fasolia, kebab and chawarma.

Sudanese food, due to the Arab influences, generally have a lot of pepper and spices. There is a wide variety of stews and soups in Sudan, often accompanied by bread or porridge.

Here are three popular dishes in Sudan:

Ful is also a common a staple food in Egypt as well as a part of the cuisine of many Arab, Middle Eastern and African cultures.

This a popular meal is a yogurt salad. It is made from a mixture of different vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, spinach, and cucumbers.

The vegetables are diced into small pieces and then poured into yoghurt.

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