ALBUM: Joey Yung – 薜丁格的貓

Joey Yung 薜丁格的貓 Zip Download

Download album Joey Yung 薜丁格的貓 zip, Joey Yunghas dropped a brand new music album titled Joey Yung 薜丁格的貓 zip album download and you can download full album Joey Yung 薜丁格的貓 Zip Download right below.

Joey Yung 薜丁格的貓 Album Tracklist

    1. 一種永遠
    2. 心之科學
    3. Pretty Crazy
    4. 東京人壽
    5. 悲觀生物學
    6. 愛你愛我
    7. 不配
    8. 辛苦你了
    9. 煙花紀
    10. Hidden track – 明天見


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