ALBUM: Michael Pisaro-Liu – Revolution Shuffle

Michael Pisaro-Liu Revolution Shuffle Zip Download

Download album Michael Pisaro-Liu Revolution Shuffle zip, Michael Pisaro-Liu has dropped a brand new music album titled Michael Pisaro-Liu Revolution Shuffle zip album download and you can download full album Michael Pisaro-Liu Revolution Shuffle Zip Download right below.

Michael Pisaro-Liu Revolution Shuffle Album Tracklist


Room Tone-Sine Tone

Fairfax Revolution

Rossignol Sur Cassette

Moving the Chair


Chinese Opera

Leo Chango



The Arsonist

There’s a Riot

He Did Warn You

Su Tung-p’o



All the Clouds

Ali la Pointe

Espace révolutionnaire

Le Sacrifice

Sinkt Verwundet in Kurnewals Arme

Chance Music

Sahst Du Noch Nichts?

Radion Wave

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Jamás Será Vencido

The Light Year of the Shakuhachi

Second Metal

Waiting for a Fight

The First of September

Étoile noire

In Babylon


Billyloop Rebellion

Long Rayon

The Revolution Makes the Revolutionary

Time to Roll

A Non-Functioning Social Ideal

The Underdog

Make the Rich Pay for the Crisis

The Strangest Vermeer


What We Are Not

Defying the Craniometer

Karl Ludwig

Dubois, Communist




The Voice of Mandelstam

Granary of the Sky

Terayama Generation

Dancing in the Street

Sunflower HK

Spinoza, Lens Grinder

Burning Night and Day


Dream in the Moonlight

Throw Your Leg and Arm Away

Right Up Through the Concrete

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Música de Liberación

Bass Flutter

El Quinto Regimiento

Future Pod @ Wyatt’s

Diamorphic Radar

Rain Dance with Ali

Chandra’s Moon


The Cloud of O.K.

Living in a Fog

Eric Splits

Some Smooth Chords

In Los Angeles

Silence Is Material



Remote Rendezvous

East-West Utopia

Auch in Köln

Også i København

Hazel Brain

DD Boon


Can Hardly See in Front of Me

706 Zithers

Revolution Shuffle

Two Kinds of Blues

Alles ist Skulptur

Blue Fish Chanting

A New Reality

One Minute

L’étude de la révolution

I Feel the Future Trembling

Gilded Weevil

An Offering to Don

Healthy Living

The More You Love

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Bonne nuit zèbre

Nation of Miles

The Red Earth

Rapid Transportation

Acid-Tiger Express

Fly Away With You

The Sun Shall Be Darkened

Ecstatic Spiral

The Last Train to Concord

Start Again

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