FULL ALBUM: 洪嘉豪 (Hung Kaho) & MC 張天賦 – Frenemy

Hung Kaho & MC Frenemy Zip Download

洪嘉豪 (Hung Kaho) & MC 張天賦 has dropped a his latest music album titled 洪嘉豪 (Hung Kaho) & MC 張天賦 Frenemy album and you can download album 洪嘉豪 (Hung Kaho) & MC 張天賦 Frenemy zip which has few amazing tracks right below.

洪嘉豪 (Hung Kaho) & MC 張天賦 Frenemy Album Tracklist

  1. 二損一 (Why Not Both)
  2. 觸電 (Warning)
  3. Frenemy
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