How to drink and not get drunk

Whether binge drinking or out with your friends, it’s appropriate to know how to handle your alcoholintake to avoid unnecessary hangovers.

Take these tips home if you want to relish happy hour without worrying about what happened the next day while you were drunk:

1. Eat well before you start drinking

It doesn’t really matter what you plan to drink but eat a hearty meal before, and in between drinks. With food in your stomach, alcohol is absorbed slowly thus reducing your chances of getting drunk fast.

2. Go slow on the tumbler

Take your time and don’t be in a rush, it’s not a competition. Drinking can get exciting, especially with peers, and before you know it, you’re 4 cans down and misbehaving. Your body can only process one standard drink per hour, so stick to that.

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3. Skip the shots

If you intend to enjoy the party and not get drunk, let the shots go as they come. Shots and drinking games are fun, that we can’t dispute. It however could escalate into a non-stop drinking session and before you know it, you are drowned in booze.

4. Hydrate

You need not be told twice, but pre-game with lots of water! Drink water before, in between and after drinks. Use pure water as a chaser, and keep a bottle of water with you all the time. Alcohol is a diuretic and dehydrates your body faster, that’s why you frequent the bathroom during happy hour. Plenty of water however hydrates you creating some sort of balance.

5. Know your limits

Understanding how much alcohol your system can endure will help you know when to put a pause. If you blackout at five drinks, stop at two. Merry-making, especially with your peers, could tempt you to try to showcase how much of a heavyweight you are, but it’s not worth the aftermath.

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6. Say no

Nothing beats the joy of having drinks sent over to your table, or a mate paying for the next round. Deep down, you think you will be ridiculed by your friends for not drinking but try passing the offer and changing the topic.

They will not stop hanging out with you because you said no. Make up an excuse if necessary and they will cut you some slack

7. Avoid sugary chasers

If you are a cocktail person then you understand how alcohol can transform you into an all-for-one drinking point, normally called a ‘tanker’.

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Be cautious of your alcohol combination. You will find yourself drinking way more as the chaser overshadows the taste of alcohol. As an alternative, you can use lemon juice, ice cubes or water to chase your vodka, gin or wine.

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